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PACON Consultants (Pacon Integrated Americas LLC), a technical and management consulting firm specializing in infrastructure development in Latin American, Europe and nearby countries providing market and technical reviews, and monitoring of project implementation. The focus has been on transport projects, such as ports, river transport, airports, toll roads, rail, environmental and some industrial projects.

The project teams produce quality and cost effective reports for Clients providing the information they need to make informed decisions about project financing and implementation plans.

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Mr. Peter G.M. Smith 

Approach to Project Assigments

PACON approaches each assignment by mobilizing international, regional and local professionals in a carefully structured team to respond to the Terms of Reference (Scope of Work) with the needed multi-disciplinary resources, rapid mobilization, local knowledge and timely report preparation.  Most important all our Associate Consultants are senior with 20 or more years of experience, which is necessary to perform the private sector project reviews and analysis rapidly to support our Clients’ time schedule, for project and loan approval processes. The disciplines include:

  • Engineering, construction and operations
  • Project control and scheduling
  • Market/Demand Study reviews and forecasts
  • Environmental analysis
  • Economic and Financial analysis
  • Risk evaluation

Our Services

With a management base in Washington, DC, and project offices in San Jose, C. Rica, Sao Paulo and Santiago, Chile plus Southampton, UK, we can assemble the teams described above rapidly as required by project master schedules. Our scope of work responsibilities are flexible, covering some or all of the following:

  • Project preparation studies
  • Market and technical reviews for loan appllications
  • Construction risk assessment for evaluating applications for guarantees
  • Periodic monitoring of construction phases
  • Periodic monitoring during start up and operations of the project

In summary the evaluation of private and public sector infrastructure projects requires experience in working with local government agencies, local infrastructure professionals, a knowledge of public data sources for projects, and bringing all the components together in a report classifying the quality and adequacy of the Sponsor (or Borrower’s) project preparation documentation. This will include identifying deficits or missing components necessary to evaluate the Business Plan and Financial Models for the project.

Projects / Clients
Name Country Client
Market/Technical Reviews/Shipyard Evaluations for Hidrovia River Transport Project  Argentina/Bolivia/Brazil/Paraguay/Uruguay  IADB**/IFC/Banco Santander(Uruguay)
Market Forecast/Technical Review Transport & Trade Services River Transport Romania  IFC
Market Forecast/Technical Review New Tecplata Container terminal Argentina  IFC
Market Forecast/Technical Review Tecon Salvador Port Expansion (2011) Brazil  IFC
Port of Salgar Redevelopment Study Colombia Multipuertos/TDA
Coal Export Terminal Port of Beira Mozambique IFC (*)
TCBuen Container Terminal  (Buenaventura) Colombia EMP***/IFC
Punta Cana Airport Market Study and Technical Review Dominican Republic IFC
River Transport Market Study and Technical Review Egypt IFC
Market Study and Technical Reviews  Santa Marta and Barranquilla Ports Colombia IFC/CAF****
Market Study and Technical Reviews Tecon Salvador Port State of Bahia (2007) Brazil IFC
Cruise Ship Port Redevelopment Project Review Dominican Republic IFC
Review Proposed Liquid Bulk Terminal Expansion Project Port of Sohkna Egypt IFC
Review Bulk Ship Chartering Strategic Plan Develop New Model for Future Plan Canada Alcan
Environmental CIS Study for Two New Pulp Mills - Fray Bentos Uruguay IFC
Modeling /Pollution Control Study Concepcion/San Vicente Bays Chile IADB
Construction/Environmental Risk Analysis Guarantee for Line 4 Sao Paulo Metro Brazil IFC
Financial Plan Environmental Remediation for Vlora Project Albania UNEP
Design Review Port of San Antonio Chile IFC
Design Review  Port of Manzanillo Mexico IFC
Independent Engineer Services Four Phases San Jose Caldera Toll Road Costa Rica IADB
Market Study and Technical Review Tecon Rio Grande Brazil IFC
Engineering/Environmental Independent Engineer Services Port of M'Bopicua Uruguay IADB
Traffic Study/Environmental Analysis Review Estrada do Coco Toll Road Bahia Brazil IADB
Structural Design Review Central Aguirre Port, Santa Cruz                     Bolivia  IFC
Engineering/Environmental/Market Study Services Port of Itapoa           Brazil  IADB

*       IFC - Private Sector Subsidiary of World Bank Group
**     IADB -Inter-American Development Bank
***   EMP Emerging Markets Partnership
**** CAF Corporacion Andina de Fomento